The Ultimate Guide to Stylish Party Tableware and Décor that will WOW your guests!

The Ultimate Guide to Stylish Party Tableware and Décor that will WOW your guests!


At home entertaining is a trend that never goes out of style!

There is something so satisfying about choosing to entertain at home – It’s the ultimate social gathering where you are in control of all the little details and it’s this attention to detail that will wow your guest. Everything from special occasions and anniversaries, to life achievements and even grandmas 80th birthday, can be celebrated at home.

Party for Stella offers stylish tableware and décor in a wide array of styles, colours and themes. All the products are created for functionality, style and fun, and will not break the bank. The tableware and décor in the different collections available are designed to work together so you will have an amazing party spread. The tableware and décor are versatile enough that you can add just a few pieces from any collection to make your spread pop with style!

Having the right supplies for your special occasion is key to effortless and stylish entertaining .You can wow your guests with a party customised for them or the event itself by choosing décor and tableware that fits the style and mood of the celebration or the celebrated!

It is great to entertain at home because you make it special and Party for Stella have made it is a lot easier than one might think.

To start off with your tabletop is usually one of the main focal points at any party or event. It is where everyone gathers to eat, celebrate and relax. There are many different tableware options available to you when you are on the Party for Stella website.

…Here is a guide we’ve created to help you pick the perfect party supplies for that wow party or event you are planning!


Stylish Party Tableware Guide 2017:

Stylish Paper Plates

There are a wide variety of stylish paper plate options on the Party for Stella”website.

You will find paper plates in beautiful bold and soft pastel colours of Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Blush, Duck Egg Green, Fuchsia, Lavender and a mixed bundle of the first five colours (2 of each colour).

Each paper plate is made of a quality paper stock with a glossy finish, with a ruffled gold foil edge that will add elegance and glamour.

They come in packets of 10 and are made of the highest quality thick paper stock to add functionality to these beautiful plates.

The plates are 8 inches in diameter.

The colours and the style are meant to mix and match with all the tableware and décor from “Party for Stella” website.


Stylish Drinking Cups

Having an elegant cup to drink out of makes for a pleasant surprise and shows your guests you are thinking of them.

Party for Stella offers beautiful drinking cups that coordinate with the other party tableware and décor the website offers.

The drinking cups are stylish and complement the paper plates deign.

Colours of Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Blush, Duck Egg Green, Fuchsia, Lavender and a mixed bundle of the first five colours (2 of each colour) are available for purchase.

The cups have a gold foil detail and black detail to make the colours really pop.

The cups are sold 10 per pack and made of a high-quality thick paper stock for both functionality and style. Each cup is 250 ml.


Stylish Napkins

No party can be complete without beautifully coordinated napkins.

Although very understated, the right napkins really make a party table spread complete.

Party for Stella” has a beautiful option for napkins that match perfectly, giving that elegant touch, even if it is only a napkin! White cocktail napkins with speckles of gold foil will complete your party spread and add a bit of luxury and class.

The gold foil speckle ties into the other pieces in the tableware collection perfectly.

These cocktail napkins come in packs of 20. They are 3 ply 12.5 cm folded and 25 cm unfolded.


Cupcake Wrappers

Gold glitter cupcake wrappers will add the perfect finishing touch to your cupcakes.

Elegant cupcake wrappers make your cupcakes and your dessert table spread look dressed up.

The “Party for Stella” website offers beautiful cupcake wrappers that coordinate with the other tableware and décor offered on the website.

The Gold Glitter Cupcake Wrappers are meant to fit around your already made cupcakes.

They are used for decorative purposes only and cannot be baked.

Use these cupcake wrappers to elevate your cupcakes to the next level and wow your guests.

They are 5cm, made of high-quality thick paper stock and contain 12 per pack.


Paper Straws

Paper straws shouldn’t be overlooked when creating your party table – It’s these little details that will give your tabletop that wow factor!

The Party for Stella website has stylish paper straws that will fit into your party table spread with class and sophistication.

There is a wide variety of Poppies for Grace and Illume party ware paper straws to choose from that will fit into any theme you are planning around.

Each set will match perfectly to whatever party table spread you choose.

Glam it up with Gold Foiled Straws, 25 per pack.

Add a little fun with Cool Kids Paper Straws in a wide variety of colours such as blue, red and yellow, 10 per pack. Party for Stella also offers Handsome Paper Straws featuring colours of blues and greens, 10 per pack.

Pastel Paper Straws feature purples and pinks, at 10 per pack.

Finally, the Pink Shimmer Paper Straws collection. Gold combined with pinks add glamour to your table spread, 10 per pack.  All the straws offered can be mixed and matched and will add some stylish fun.



No Party is complete without utensils.

Every party needs forks, knives and spoons!

Finding the perfect utensils is not that hard if you know what to look for.

Utensils that are heavy duty are usually best, especially for foods other than cake and ice cream.

You want your guests to be able to cut and pick up their food with their fork with ease.

Let us not forget about other tableware and décor that Party for Stella offers!


Even More Party Ideas!

Adding pieces from our other options to your table spread as well as the room or space/area of the party or event will bring it all together. Here are a few of the extras that Party for Stella offers.


Bunting and Garland

The atmosphere of a party is usually set by the different elements within it.

The dessert table is the focal point but how about the areas around the table?

Bunting and garlands can be used as dessert table backdrops to add some pizazz to your party or event and “Party for Stella” offers a variety of pieces to pull your look together.

Eco-friendly, laser cut wooden buntings are perfect for any occasion.

They come in two beautiful designs – beautiful bows or fun bohemian feathers and can be integrated with other garlands and paper décor such as a stars garland and paper honeycomb decorations as they are subtle but stylish and can be matched to any colour or style or theme.

They can also double up and be used as permanent room decorations!



What is a party without balloons?

Party for Stella have curated so many balloon options to choose from that will add style, fun and that extra element of excitement to your party.

Some unique balloons on the “Party of Stella” website that will make a statement at your event are the Jumbo Balloons with Fringe or Streamers.

These super fun balloons features a jumbo balloon of 90 cm with colorful fringe or streamers.

There are solid colours like blue, pink and teal or clear coloured with assorted colours of jumbo confetti inside.

Other balloons offered are fancy balloons used for decorating a cake or gift and on trend word balloons such as ” Hello” gold foil script balloons and” Baby” gold foil script balloons which will make the perfect balloon backdrop for a baby shower event !

There are standard latex balloons with beautiful marbled effects, and many foil shape balloons such as starts and hearts.

The extensive selection of Poppies for Grace and Northstar balloons are all available under the balloons tab on the “Party for Stella “website.


Party Themes

For someone who wants a stylish party but hasn’t enough time to pick and choose every detail, “Party for Stella,” have a unique feature on their website.

They have hand selected pieces from the different options available to create themed parties!

These themed parties are equipped with the essentials and a few extras to get you started, all coordinated to wow your guests.

Simply chose the theme you want and browse the options to create a personalised themed party in minutes. Some of the themes are:

The party supplies offered on the “Party for Stella” website are designed to be mixed and matched.

You can start by clicking on the Tableware section and work your way to Décor and Balloons.

From there it is so much easier than you think and styling your party will be an absolute breeze!

All the tableware and décor can be coordinated easily, it’s simply a matter of what you and/or your guests prefer.

Start with your plates and work your way down to cups, and so on and so forth.

Remember, your table spread is usually one of the main focal points so this is the most crucial step.

Once your table spread is complete, pick décor to add the extras to complete the party look.

I guarantee you will have so much fun planning and picking your items and then the exciting part – styling your event, that you will want to plan another party soon after!

Stylish party ware is up and coming and very affordable.

Party for Stella provides affordable, modern and stylish party tableware and décor at a fraction of the cost.

Using stylish party ware adds a special one of a kind elegance to your party and a day/evening that won’t soon be forgotten.

When choosing stylish partyware, think about the type of party you are planning, the guests, the venue (indoor/outdoor) and take it from there.

You will find that once you start planning and choosing partyware, it will be so easy and fun, you won’t want to stop.

Your stylish party will be guaranteed to wow your guests for a lifetime of wonderful memories.


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