How to make a Honeycomb Chandelier Decoration

Decorations add that essential finishing touch to any celebration and our beautiful collection of honeycomb decorations will have your party looking fab !

All you will need to create your honeycomb ball decoration are the following items:


  • Honeycomb ball decorations in various sizes and in your choice of colours. You can find all the colours on our website under Decor – Honeycomb decorations
  • Scissors
  • Fishing wire
  • Hole punch


Lay out all the honeycomb balls you would like to use in a line on the floor so you can get an idea of what the colours will look like together. Alternate between colours and size. I like to put yellow next to pink and purple next to green and blue! I’m sure you have your own fave colour combo.


To make a decoration with two honeycombs – simply take a large honeycomb ball and punch a hole at the bottom about a 1-1.5 cm from the edge. Now get your smaller honeycomb ball cut the hanging string and thread and tie the string of the smaller ball to the large ball.


Cut about 1.5 m of fishing wire (you can do a shorter or larger length depending on how large you want your chandelier). Each large ball from our Poppies for Grace range measures about 30cm and our small poppies for grace balls are 20 cm in diameter so I tend to use about 2 m of wire and 6-7 honeycomb balls.


String your line of fishing wire with the honey comb balls alternating between colour and size. Now cut the provided string on the ball and use it to tie / secure the ball on the line by tying a double knot. Leave a space of 20-30 cm in between each ball depending on which size ball you use. It doesn’t matter.


Now you have all your honey comb balls strung all you need to do is open them up and stick together with the sticky tabs or use paper clips to secure them if you would like to fold back and re use your decoration again .


To finish of tie the ends of the wire together in a secure knot.


Repeat the above steps to make as many decorations as you like.


Now hang on a wall or over a mantle with a Command hook, or hang it as a chandelier above your dessert table.




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